Creative and performative collective


The artistic collective Tanečno was created in addition to the organization of the festival of the same name, which since 2017 has brought seven years of multi-genre festival of dance and movement to the Orava region. The cooperation of young people dedicated to the art of dance, who were united by joint studies, but especially artistic and human closeness, grew into the creation of a creative and performative collective, which is focused on original work, as well as cooperation with invited creators. The creation of the collective is characterized by multi-genre, inclusion, innovation and an effort to popularize contemporary dance forms. The varied experiences and focus of the team members contribute to diversity and mutual creative inspiration.

As part of the association’s activities, members make use of the experience gained during art studies (SEAD Salzburg, MUK Wien, University of Stavanger, VŠMU, JAMU, KJJB…) and are members of several artistic groups (Farma v jeskyni, MimoOs, Instituinstitut, Artemporis, dNO…), institutions (JAMU, VŠMU, VŠVU) and cooperate with important creators of the Slovak and foreign scenes (Ronda, Oran, Lachky, Šavel, Dočolomansky, Viňarský, Vlčeková, Herich, Burkievičová, Ferienčíková, Poláková, Bobalík, Matejka, Korec, Pregrad…)

Since the creation of the collective association, in cooperation with other choreographers or associations, he has performed several stage works (“YOLT – You Only Live Twice”, “Pass In”, “Strings”, or the composed solo format “Jedinečno”) as well as works in public spaces (“The Urge”, “Passing/Station”, “Streetnutia”). We are currently preparing an expanded version of the work “Passing/Station”, or hapenning in the public space “Dance for Ski lifts“.

The Tanečno collective consists of:
Miriam Budzáková
Hana Gallinová
Barbora Michaligová
Silvia Sviteková
Matúš Szeghö
Andrej Štepita


Manuel Ronda

YOLT – You Only Live Twice

Choreography and Direction / Manuel Ronda
Performance / Miriam Budzáková, Silvia Sviteková, Matúš Szeghö, Andrej Štepita
Music / Eva Sajanová
Lights, Stage, Costumes / Dorota Volfová
Production / Tanečno o.z.
Illustrations / Manuel Ronda
Visual / Matúš Szeghö
Photos / Marek Jančúch

I. premiere 20.12.2022, Drama Studio SND

II. premiere 8.3.2023, Tabačka Košice

This performance of physical theatre is a reflection on one-way struc- tural system constituting guidance principles of a society. It points out it’s paradoxic morality, power games and the loss of orientation once the structure is lost.


– 4 performers
– 35 squares
– 1 Eva
– 1 Dorota
– A composition
– Little red riding hood – A bit of salsa
– Hierarchy
– Left and right
– Something special
– The meaning of life


Ceren Oran & Moving Borders


Concept, choreography: Ceren Oran
Choreographic collaboration: Maayan Reiter, Rotem Weismann
Dramaturgical collaboration: Karolína Hejnová
Music: Hüseyin Evirgen
Origin of the project: Ceren Oran & Moving Borders, MOVE Ostrava a Tanečno

Synchronous parts of the choreography are based on improvisations posted on social networks by Phil Hulford, Sofia Pouchtou, Clementine Herveux, Elisa Ruffato, Kamola Rashidova.

“The Urge Grows” premiere: 25. 6. 2022, Plzeň
“The Urge” SK premiere: 13.04. 2023, Bratislava

The international outdoor performance “The Urge Grows” follows on from the original German project of the German choreographer Ceren Oran “The Urge”. It was created in 2020 during the coronavirus lock-down based on the inner desire of performers to stay in motion, stay in touch and keep creating.

“The Urge” draws inspiration from the frustrating experience of two years of pandemic and isolation, but transforms it together with the dancers into something highly vital, contagious in the best sense of the word, in the sharing of joy, energy, fascination of the moving body, in the intense sharing of the moment here and now in direct contact with the viewer in a public space. Collective trauma and an individual’s reaction to a social crisis is transformed by Oran into choreographic images that combine energetic, synchronous dance passages with individual dancers’ improvised solos. Pulsating electronic music determines the dynamics and changing rhythm of the choreography, the energy of which urgently and uncontrollably spreads directly to the audience. The musical component is complemented by live improvisation of the saxophonist, which increases the tension between the dancers – the crowd and the individual – the musician.

“The Urge” SK version
Miriam Budzáková, Matúš Szeghö, Paulína Šmatláková, Andrej Štepita, Lukáš Záhorák
Live music: Róbert Kolář

“The Urge Grows”
Dance: Jin Lee, Laura Manz, Lihun Choi, Lena Klink, Rotem Weissman, Lukas Malkowski, Klára Ešnerová, Helena Arenbergerová, Michal Heriban, Tomáš Pražák, Jana Ryšlavá, Miriam Budzáková, Matúš Szegho, Paulína Šmatláková, Andrej Štepita, Lukáš Záhorák
Live Music: Róbert Kolář (SK), Marcela Kučová (CZ), Jeannot Salvatori (FR)

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