For the eighth time, we will be TANEČNO together!

Festivals like this remind us that WE are important. Ordinary “small” people, small worlds. And our stories are fascinating to say the least.

– Kosi Eze

The place can be an inspiration. I believe that. If you change locations, you learn from the enviroment and then you get inspired and you do things.

– Edivaldo Ernesto

I really love this festival, because I think there is many many different things. You can go to a class of yoga in the morning, contemporary, after there is a Hip-hop battle. I really feel a nice atmosphere, an open-minded atmosphere. You can just be here and be who you want to be. Just freedom in this festival.

– Jade Fehlmann

I was already really down for the idea of coming to Tanečno, because I feel like it’s the right place to grow and the right space to support, meeting new people, dancers, exchange information, share of knowledge. This is so important for the community to grow. I believe that Tanečno is like a tree. They are planting seeds, and now the tree is growing, and it will become strong, high and full of fruit.

– Khoudia Toure

I have been aware of Tanečno for a long time and I am very happy that such events take place here in Slovakia. I noticed how the organizers care about what the program is here and how they care about us being more involved. Because that’s the point of not feeling so terribly alone in dance. Because dance is about community first and foremost.

– Kristína Tukan

The culture we are doing it’s a good vice. It doesn’t harm, on the contrary – it enlightens you. So bringing any culture anywhere for people is something sacred.

– Manuel Ronda

The Tanečno Festival was a huge surprise for me, even though I went here thinking it was an excellent festival. I saw a perfect team of artists working together here.

– Spunkey

This is how we danced last years

They danced with us

Edivaldo Ernesto


Jade Fehlmann


Khoudia Toure


Milan Herich


Vlado Michalko


Akira Yoshida


Sebastian Mendez Marín

Costa Rica

Kamilla Lil’K




Žigan Krajnčnan


Kieran Warner

United Kingdom

Citlali Mendéz


and many more…

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