The multi-genre festival of dance and movement Tanečno is looking for dance performances!

Where: Námestovo, Slovakia
When: 14-18th of August, 2024
Application deadline: 10th of March, 2024
Apply online via google form: https://forms.gle/LPdUyvKFJq814Esf7

The multi-genre dance and movement festival “TANEČNO” is a celebration of dance in all its forms. The event, with a special focus on innovative dance forms, has had seven successful years. Since 2017, several important dance works and personalities have been presented as part of dance workshops and performances. The dance festival in the Orava region has achieved great success among the public, as well as dance enthusiasts and professionals of all ages.

For the upcoming eighth edition of the festival, we are opening the call for dance performances. We are interested in learning about your projects, works, and productions, regardless of their scale, format, or country of origin.

The goals for the eighth year of the festival involve bringing dance art closer to the general audience and providing access to contemporary dance forms. The festival focuses on the multi-genre character of performances, which brings more engagement with the common audience, as well as on experimental dance productions. It links a variety of dance scenes, and last but not least, blends dance with other art forms. The aims include establishing a platform for exchanging various forms of dance art between amateurs and professionals.

What are we searching for?

The open call is directed towards collectives and individual artists with a focus on diversity, so we welcome projects regardless of their theme/concept. However, considering the nature of our festival, we are particularly interested in innovative dance and movement performances which are:

– connecting various dance or theater styles
– presentations of an interactive nature, fostering a connection with the audience
– events taking place in theaters, as well as in public spaces
– intermedia projects collaborating with other art forms (music, visual arts, video…)
– can be full-length stage productions, as well as shorter forms or alternative presentation methods (installations, happenings, performative lectures…)

Who are we searching for?

  • Smaller artistic groups and projects
  • Both emerging and established artists and artist groups
  • We endorse community, inclusive, and minority projects and collectives


Selected candidates will receive coverage for mobility expenses (travel, accommodation). They will be contacted by the festival organizing team and communicate about salary terms, travel arrangements, other useful information for a comfortable stay and smooth performance at the festival. The technical aspects of the performance will also be discussed in advance, including all performer requirements and the available presentation options for the works.

Presentation and archiving

Registered artists agree to provide a brief biography, a description of the group, a description of the work, the recording of the entire performance, promotional materials, and also agree that, after their selection, this promotional material can be used and published for all promotional purposes of the Tanečno festival.

Artists agree that during their performance at the festival, audiovisual and photo documentation will be made for the subsequent promotional and archival purposes of the Tanečno festival.

How to apply?

Deadline for applications: 10.3.2024 23:59
Notification of results: no later than April 30, 2024
Individual performers and groups interested in participating in the festival should complete the attached registration form at the following link: https://forms.gle/LPdUyvKFJq814Esf7

The form includes:
– Title, creative team, brief description, duration, and audience age restrictions of the performance
– Biographies and descriptions of artists/groups
– Technical rider specifications
– Expected departure location to the festival and final destination from the festival for each member of the team
– Proposed fee
– Selection of 5 promotional photos and a trailer presentation
– Link to the full performance recording (YouTube, Vimeo…)

About the Festival

Tanečno is a festival that, through an inclusive and innovative concept, creates a unique event that ranks among the most important festivals in the Central European area. Now in its seventh year, the festival has grown from an effort to engage and educate the local dance community in an event of international significance. It aims to connect innovative dance forms, spread awareness about dance art, and be a driving force in the development of Slovak independent dance art. The main purpose of the project is to continue its development and to popularize especially contemporary and innovative dance forms as an alternative to the commercial dance scene. This intention is to be fulfilled through the presentation of several works of contemporary dance, the organization of dance-movement workshops, as well as the creation of festival presentation forms connecting different dance styles, interacting with the public, taking place in public space, or presenting amateur and minority dance groups. The comprehensive experience is completed by a contextualizing accompanying program including expert and public discussions, artistic installations, improvised performances and open classes.

Contact: organizacno@tanecno.sk

Website: https://www.tanecno.sk